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  • Negroni 9.15|9.15 £

    With its simple composition of equal parts gin, vermouth and Campari, the dry and zingy negroni is one of the punchiest cocktails around. Campary, Vermout Rosso, Gin.

    Negroni Sbagliato 9.15|9.15 £

    This classic Italian cocktail is loved by bartenders for its subtle bitterness and use of vermouth. Prosecco, Vermout Red, Campari.

    Bellini 9.85|9.85 £

    This famous cocktail was invented at Harry's Bar, Venice, in 1934. The combination of peach juice and fizz is almost acceptable at breakfast. White Peach Puree, Prosecco.

    Limoncello Bom Bom 8.95|8.95 £

    Limoncello isn't just a digestif; dare we say we actually prefer it as a cocktail Absolute Vanilla Vodka, Limoncello from Sorrento, Fresh Lemon Juice.

    Espresso Martini 9.35|9.35 £

    Espresso martini is a very modern drink based on an old classic, with a clean clear delivery of vodka, rich creamy flavours and a touch of delicious bitterness. Vodka, Kalua, Espresso Coffee .

    French Martini 7.95|7.95 £

    A gorgeous, easy-drinking fruit martini with lush pineapple, rich raspberry and Absolute vodka Pinapple Juice, Vodka, Rasperry Liquer.

    Amaretto Sour 8.95|8.95 £

    Rounded, soft, oaky notes are cut through with lemony citrus in this revamped old-classic. Amaretto Liquer, Fresh Lemon Juice, Orange bitters, Egg white powder.

    Raspberry Caipiroska 8.95 £

    The Caipiroska is the most popular of the many twists on the Brazilian Caipirinha, the Raspberry Caipiroska is zesty and delicious to drink. Vodka, Fresh Raspberry, Sugar, Fresh Lime.

    PornStar Martini 9.95 £

    Vanilla vodka, Passõa liqueur, passionfruit purée, lime juice and sugar shaken and finely strained. Served with a shot of champagne on the side.

    Strawberry Daiquiri 7.95 £

    This Cuban cocktail was a favourite of author Ernest Hemingway and today it's real party favourite. Rum, Triple Sec, Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Lime Juice.

  • Old Fashioned 9.95 £

    Classic Strong and Whiskey. American Bourbon, Rum, few drops of Orange and ice.

    Tom Collins 8.95 £

    The Tom Collins is one of the simplest long drinks, such a classic that it’s had a glass named after it. Dry Gin, Fresh Lemon juice, brown sugar.

    Long Island Iced Tea 8.95 £

    The Long Island Iced Tea is a classic cooler that peaked in popularity during the 1980s. Vodka, White Rum, Dry Gin, Triple Sec,Fresh Lemon Juice, Cola.

    Moijto 9.15 £

    Delivering zesty lime with fresh mint and a backbone of crystal clear White Rum, Moijto is perfect for any party! White Rum, Sugar, Lime, Mint.

    Manhattan 9.15 £

    The yin to the martini cocktail's yang, the Manhattan is one of the all-time great classic cocktails. Single Malt Whiskey, Vermouth, Angostura Bitters, Orange.

    Americano 8.95 £

    A cocktail you'll love at first sip. In fact they say that once you've tried it you'll never get tired of its special texture and striking mixture of flavors. Campari, Red Vermout, Soda Water.

    Kir Royale 9.95 £

    Named for a popular mayor in post-war France, Kir drinks combine black currant liqueur with various wines. Our version is with Crème de Cassis and Prosecco.

    Minty Pear Moijto 8.15 £

    There’s just something snazzy about a good mojito. It’s one of those girly drinks that guys also seem to love. This version with muddled pear is SO tasty. I’m officially ready to welcome the fall! Williams Pear, Bacardi Superior Rum, Fresh Mint leaves, Fresh Lime Juice.

    Passion Fruit Royale 9.15 £

    The martini is a pretty sexy cocktail. It’s James Bond’s drink of choice, incredibly potent and delicious. Bacardi Superior rum shaken up with passion fruit puree, fresh lime & homemade vanilla syrup.


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