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  • Homemade Lasagna Bolognese 8.95 £

    Layers of egg lasagne sheets with homemade Bolognese sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, fresh basil.

    Cannelloni Spinach & Ricotta 8.95 £

    Durum wheat pasta filled with ricotta and spinach covered with a light homemade tomato sauce, parmesan and fresh basil.

    Ravioli Various Flavour xxx £

    Ravioli is a typical dish for Italians and there are so many flavours that we decided to introduce different ones accordingly with the season. Ask our team for the flavour in house.

    Pasta Bolognese 8.75 £

    Durum wheat pasta with homemade beef Bolognese sauce, parmesan, fresh basil.

    Paccheri Sapore Vero 13.15 £

    Paccheri with fresh sausage, porcini mushrooms, scamorza, cherry tomatoes and cream.

    Pasta Arrabiata 7.95 £

    Paccheri di Gragnano al nero di seppia con Gamberi e Zucchini 13.75 £

    Paccheri with fresh lobster, fresh tomato, parsley, extra virgin olive oil.

    Orecchiette del Sud 11.85 £

    Fresh handmade Orecchiette with wild broccoli (Friarielli), fresh sausage, extra virgin olive oil.

    Gnocchi ai 4 Formaggi 9.25 £

    Homemade gnocchi with parmesan, pecorino, gorgonzola and panna cheese sauce.


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