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About Sapore Vero

What do you do when you want something done properly – especially when you’re a long way from home and you simply can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Well, the tried and tested answer, of course, is to do it yourself – and that is exactly what Giuseppe, founder of Sapore Vero did, when he created our first Pizzeria in Beckenham, South East London – now entering its 11th year of trade – and then opened a 2nd in nearby Hither Green in 2019.After moving to London (quite some years ago now!),  Giuseppe quickly found himself becoming frustrated with a lack of truly authentic Italian pizza, “that I liked”, as he puts it, produced using the methods that he grew up with, like generations before him, in his native Calabria, Southern Italy.  


In the end, it seemed that the only way to be assured of a proper pizza, produced the artisan way, was to open his own Pizzeria – and so, almost exactly 10 years ago, that’s precisely what he did. Sapore Vero’s flagship restaurant opened its doors to the people of Beckenham and surrounding areas in 2013, and we’ve gone from strength to strength ever since; focusing always on authenticity, and using the highest quality ingredients available

Fast forward to 2023, which has already seen us open a beautiful 3rd restaurant in Crystal Palace,  we are proud to say that we have a substantial – and loyal – customer base, some of whom have been with us for years – if not from the very start! Coupled with our famous black trucks which have become a staple feature at local fetes and festivals, as well as catering for private events and weddings, our ’On the Road’ division has become as much an institution as the restaurants themselves.

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We continue to produce pizzas  – as well as pasta and our chefs’ special creations –  in our trademark style, whilst staying true to our artisan roots.  As a result, the one thing the Sapore Vero customer can be absolutely assured of is our consistency; a fantastic pizza, produced with authentic and time-honoured methods, to the highest of standards.  This is what Giuseppe believes both set the company apart, and ensured its longevity.  

“Ultimately, I found the solution to the problem I identified all those years ago”, he says, “because now, if I want to eat a good pizza, I know exactly where I can go – to my own restaurant. That says it all, I think”.

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